Starseed Sacred Silks began with a gift. I have always identified as an artist, feeling my way through life with creativity. I am a maker. Be it visual art, food, herbal remedies, wearable art, song, music, life is my pallette. One day while perusing freecycle, I found a lady offering free silk and some silk paints. Her request was that only someone who was going to use the offerings ask to recieve them. I had never painted silk before but was lit up like a small child at the thought. I had no previous exposure to the art form. Wow. My first goal was to play around for two months in hopes of having something gift worthy by Mother's Day. And I fell in love with the process. 
After the first few months, I began to relax into this new relationship and approach it with greater reverance. Clearing my studio space with sage, inviting the presence of the Ancestors and really diving inward. What came up was a lot of judgement about my process. As a visual artist I had a very strong self-critic. And this new, to me, modality offered no redos. There is no eraser in this painting process, no paint over. once the resist is down, it is what it is. So, I had to get clear pretty fast and redefine what a "mistake" was. This close, up in my face examining, led me to a new level of personal acceptance and allowing. I became free to see each previously labeled mistake as a new pathway. 
I have worked as a healer for most of my adult life and am well acquainted with functioning and creating in multiple realities. The new found freedom and self acceptance really provided a platform for me to go deep and soar. So, what does my process look like, now? My studio is outdoors on the lanai of my home in Hawaii. A new structure is coming soon, and for now, this big beautiful island is my studio. When painting larger pieces, I suspend my frames from the ceiling of the lanai. Smaller pieces travel with me to the cliffs or the beach or anywhere in between. Rainy days, I will do finishing work by hand or with the sewing machine. I live off-grid, so most of my sewing machine time is when the sun is shining and filling the batteries. 
So, my work location is pretty variable these days, and one constant is change. Hawaii is the most dynamic island I have yet encountered. She is always changing. Tutu Pele will flow through us, over us, in us, around us. Her astounding beauty and being command presence and fluidity.
One reality in the physical, another internal, I aim to go with the flow. Painting is a meditation in the now for me. So, it is rare that I have much thought involved before I paint. I trust and I follow the way in. Sacred geometry is a great focus tool for me, personally. Drawing the seed of life is very relaxing. I sing and dance as I prepare to paint, making my prayers out loud. If the piece is a commission and I have ideas of how to support the receiver, this is foremost on my being as I prepare and journey. The rest is truly unknown. I aim for these paintings to heal, nourish, provide and provoke and am honored to have the opportunity to live in such a way as to give this presence to the world. Mahalo